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Welcome to The Vision School, where we guide individuals like you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 

Our mission is simple yet profound: to ignite the spark within you and empower you to live your life’s purpose to the fullest.

At The Vision School, we recognize that life’s journey can be riddled with challenges and roadblocks that hinder us from realizing our true potential. That’s why our online classes go beyond the ordinary. We delve deep into every aspect of your life from the way you perceive relationships and handle finances to your overall well-being and even your eyesight.

Our comprehensive approach involves not just identifying these sabotages and blocks but also providing you with the tools and insights to clear them, creating a path for unobstructed growth and success.

Imagine a life where you’re not held back by self-doubt, limitations, or unclear vision. Envision a future where your unique creativity is not only celebrated but actively nurtured.

The Vision School is your haven for transformation, where you’ll join a community of like-minded individuals all striving to live authentically and purposefully. Don’t make your dreams a “some day” idea–let us help you turn them into a reality today!

Embark on this remarkable journey with The Vision School and embrace the boundless possibilities that await when you align your passion with purpose. The life you envision starts here!

Recommended Starting Points

Show Me The Money 

Option 1: Clear Blocks to Making Money

Identify the blocks and clear the conscious and the unconscious sabotages you experience in making money.

Vibration And Frequency

Option 2: The Glass Ceiling Breakthrough

Raise your frequency and vibrations to create the life you deserve.

Eyesight And

Option 3: Clear Blocks to 20/20 Vision

Clear key fundamental blocks on eyesight and improve your natural vision.

Presented By


Known as: The Block Buster

Meet Barry Auchettl, a true Life Visionary who has harnessed the power of raising his own Vibration (inner world) and Frequency (outer world) to orchestrate a life of inspiring transformation. He now empowers individuals across the planet to do that as well. He guides them through the intricate process of identifying and dismantling sabotages and fears so they are free to soar to new heights.

Barry overcame a fatal brain tumour to create vibrant health. He has transformed heartbreaking losses and divorce into a soul connection that prompted him to move across the globe. He has gone from near bankruptcy to a multi-six figure and growing global business that has ignited thousands to bring more light into the world. His books and movie have reached thousands and it all stems from him #1 commitment.

Barry is dedicated to raising the consciousness on the planet in order to live in a world as enlightened people in a harmonious global community.
Through his mastery of kinesiology and pioneering energy method, Light Body Alignment, Barry has cracked the code to personal metamorphosis. He now teaches this advanced methodology through The Vision School, certifies practitioners and elevates leaders so that together we can raise the consciousness of our planet, country’s, community’s and in our own homes and hearts.

As the creative mind behind Conversations, an inspiring and innovative game, he sparks profound shifts and provides practitioners, families, organizations, and communities with a fun and powerful way to connect, communicate, and bond.

His books include various approaches to improving both our inner, and physical, vision. “Improve My Eyes,” “The Scan Charts,” and the reverberating bestseller “One Vision,” solidify his place as a literary luminary. His documentary movie Vision 2020: From Eyesight to Insight,” illuminates the pathways from the physical to the profound.

All of his work supports his stand for joining hearts, hands, and our light to illuminate what is possible for society and for every individual.

Are you ready for change? 

Listen to Barry talk about how The Vision School can support you and your soul’s development and how you’ll get access to awesome online classes.


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“2 hours after the final webinar- and after opening up to Universal Support, I was offered a really nice financial opportunity, where I was placed in a well known MLM in quite a prominent position … and I will start to receive quite a nice $ return from it very soon .. which will be on going … for ever!”

Adrian Hanks
Life Mastery Expert

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. You held a wonderful space for us to create and recover shifts in energy that I am excited to see evolve within me.

I have noticed the energetic change and look forward to creating my own personal millionaire mindset!”

Allene Gibson
Mindset Coach and Kinesiologist

“Barry Auchettl has a deep and genuine passion to assist mankind, to make a difference in the world, and in the lives of each person he touches. He sees behind what is, to what can be, behind each story of each person and connects with the greater possibilities present, even when the person, or people involved do not see it themselves.”

Anayah Joi Holilly
Founder of Angel Heart Radio

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