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The Vision School Unmasked

Introducing The Vision School: where Barry Auchettl, known as The Block Buster, leads the charge. With 4 decades of experience as an educator and energy master, Barry’s fire to revolutionize lives is relentless.

The Vision School isn’t just another online platform. It’s a powerhouse of self-development, engineered to amplify your Vibration and Frequency by bulldozing the barriers and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. We’re talking about unleashing your inner dynamo, cranking up your personal resonance, and tuning in to the cosmic frequency of success.

Vibration? That’s the beat of your inner drum, the rhythm of your personal consciousness. Frequency? Think of it as the universal radio station that tunes into your desires. The Vision School isn’t here to whisper sweet affirmations; it’s here to throw open the floodgates of your potential and make sure you’re broadcasting on the frequency of your dreams.

But it’s not just theory here. We’ve got a lineup of courses that’ll smash your roadblocks to smithereens, whether it’s about your Health, Relationships, Vision, or stacking up that Money. This isn’t wishful thinking; it’s practicality in action.

The Vision School is here to unleash your power, and guess what? This isn’t a solo act. It’s a global team of expert mentors and a community that’s got your back. The Vision School? It’s not just a name. It’s a roadmap to your future self.

The current team within The Vision School includes:

Barry Auchettl

Chief Vision Officer

Barry Auchettl is a Life Visionary who has transformed his life through raising his own Vibration (inner world) and Frequency (outer world) using kinesiology and his own unique energy method called Light Body Alignment. He now supports people around the world including identifing and clearing sabotages and fears to enable them to reach new levels of both Vibration and Frequency.

Jason Frovich

IT Support

With over three decades of experience in IT and support, he has dedicated himself to assisting clients both offline and online, addressing a wide array of IT-related concerns. His enthusiasm for transforming lives is evident. He is actively engaged in providing assistance to Barry and the Vision Schools, as he resonates with their mission and values, which are centered around positively impacting the lives of all those involved.

Sabine Roden

Social Media

Has a talent for communication and manages the Vision School’s videos. She spent 20+ years in a variety of industries training adults in-person and online. Now she uses those skills of asking questions and finding gaps as well as her love for helping others grow and evolve into her life coaching practice. In her spare time she enjoys sharing stories via videos, food and dance.

Ann Foster

Accounts and invoicing

LaTanya Phelps

Pastoral Care

Bilyana Erickson

Expansion Coordinator

Claudia Autry


Heather Haswell

Head Mentor