Your Body Speaks The Truth

Learn to listen to your body through muscle testing and inuition. Presented by International Facilitator, Barry Auchettl, author of the best seller “The Scan Charts”.

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Locate physical, mental and emotional stresses

Thursday May 11. 3 – 5 pm pm EDT (link sent upon booking)

Barry Auchettl is a practical and exceptional facilitator whose passion is allowing people to shine. He has overcome life threatening illnesses, improved his own eyesight and offers individual sessions through Life Vision Mentoring.

Do you have any food or emotional related stress?
Not sure where your stresses are coming from?

Introduction to Muscle Testing using intuition and “The Scan Charts”

A simplified muscle testing approach which combines accurate muscle testing and personal intuition. Includes a copy of “The Scan Charts” by Barry Auchettl (value $50).

Ideal for the beginner or anyone wishing to expand their muscle testing skills. This class is complete within itself as well as a solid foundation for the Light Body Alignment program.

Skills Learnt
  •  Getting the body ready for testing including left / right brain activities
  •  Simplified muscle testing techniques whilst online
  •  Food sensitivity testing including sugar, chocolate, wheat and over 100 different foods
  •  How to muscle test using various charts including the use of various charts including food, crystals, astrology, modalities and Vision

Whether you are looking to address specific health concerns or simply want to develop a deeper connection with your body, this workshop is for you.
Register now to secure your spot in this exciting and transformative workshop. We look forward to seeing you there!

With over 20 years of experience, Barry has taught countless people how to muscle test. Through his unique approach, you will learn how to combine accurate muscle testing and personal intuition to gain a deeper understanding of your body’s needs.

Investment: $100

Who is Barry?



“One of my clients that has been holding off is moving forward. It is a $30,000 project!”
Tamara Patzer, USA

“Big celebration Barry Auchettl! Received the first $15K private coaching client in a while yesterday!! On a payment plan but it’s $5K cash in already”
Serena Sandstrom, Australia

I have been using Barry’s scan list since 2013 for my energy work sessions, and it is my go-to-scanlist!
There are varieties of categories and words inside to pin point my client’s need or clue for the break through in the session.

My session is like a detective work with my client. One sentence or word from the scan list could open the door to the healing or understanding.
When my client becomes aware of the incident or perception that he/she had, the healing process accelerates, which happened many times and the scan list was a huge key.

I travel with it and use it very often for my self-healing sessions as well.
Even if you are not providing a service for clients, this scan list can be used for self growth and personal development. It is very simple and versatile.

I recently got a new edition and it is even better! Thank you Barry for putting this scan list together.
I look forward to witnessing how many doors it will open in the future as well!

Manami Workman

Presented By Barry Auchettl

M.Ed. B.Bus. Grad.Dip.R.E.

Barry Auchettl is a Life Visionary who has transformed his life through raising his own Vibration (inner world) and Frequency (outer world) using kinesiology and his own unique energy method called Light Body Alignment.  He now supports people around the world including identifing and  clearing sabotages and fears to enable them to reach new levels of both Vibration and Frequency.

He is the creator of Conversations: an inspirational game, producer of Vision 2020: from eyesight to insight and author of several books including Improve My Eyes, The Scan Charts and the number one best seller, One Vision.

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Original price was: US$197.00.Current price is: US$100.00.

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Do I have to do the whole course in one go?

No, you can stop and start the course as often as you like.

How long have I got to complete the course?

You have lifetime access!