Miracles in Your Life Retreat

Are you looking for clarity and to create the life you truly desire?

Is it time to for you to step up and experience your dreams?


Create Miracles in Your Life Retreat

Are you looking for clarity and to create the life you truly desire?

Is it time to for you to step up and experience your dreams?

The intent of the four days is to open your eyes and expand your possibilities as you step into your core self thus allowing miracles to occur.

It focuses on being rather than what we are doing and allows space for miracles to show up before, during and after our time together. 

Stepping into your power can take courage and an inner strength. If you have the courage, then life is there to support you, and let you live your dream. You can transform your everyday life into one of exceptional magical joy. 

Thursday (evening): open event

Connect to all participants through Conversations – an inspirational game
Miracle meditation

Friday – Past
• Removing guilt, blame and shame
• Developing your intuition exercises 
• Seeing auras and learning basic telepathy
• Releasing old ways of seeing through feelings
• Using the Akashic records to clear past beliefs

Saturday – Present
• The importance of being present 
• Living with emotions and setting clear boundaries
• Meditations and visualisations to come for more heart space
• Difference between intuition, psychic and mediumship
• Developing authentic relationships – sacred sexuality

Sunday – Future
• Expanding your vision into the future
• Living with telepathy
• Embracing your dreams
• Walking with your spirit
• A new space for a new future

When Thursday 12 May 2022 from 7.00 pm to Sunday 15th May 4.00 pm
Where: Museum Park, Houston, Texas, USA 

Retreat will include morning and afternoon tea.  Meals are separate and can be ordered and delivered to the retreat space. 

Investment: $997 ($2000 value),  $697 early bird  

The Presenters

Barry Auchettl is a Life Visionary who has transformed his life through raising his own Vibration (inner world) and Frequency (outer world) using kinesiology and his own unique energy method called Light Body Alignment. He now supports people around the world including identifying and clearing sabotages and fears to enable them to reach new levels of both Vibration and Frequency.

He is the creator of Conversations: an inspirational game, producer of Vision 2020: from eyesight to insight and author of several books including Improve My Eyes, The Scan Charts and the number one best seller, One Vision.

“It has been EXTREMELY supportive working with Barry and I love where I am at and where I am going. Working with Barry is like working with Abraham, but instead of listening to Esther…we are actually Abraham in action managing our vibration, frequency, and staying in the vortex longer and longer while expanding our sphere of influence”. – Heather Leah Smith, USA

Claudia Autry is a Life Optimizer who provides insightful, collaborative, supportive environment where people can make positive changes in their lives. Inspired by the works of Louise Hay (self love), Brene Brown (vulnerability), Simon Sinek (optimism) and Dr. Andrew Huberman (neuroscience), her goal is to show you how you have a choice in life and to provide you tools that help you reach your goals.

She uses a variety of techniques including hypnosis, essential oils, Reiki and her co-created Quantum Wholeness Process, among others. She also teaches people the art of hypnosis and certifies them through the National Guild of Hypnotists. As a certified Grief Recovery Specialist, she guides her clients through Grief Recovery Process. She has workshops for stress management, weight loss, balanced Divine Masculine and Feminine, and self-empowerment that put you in touch with your inner guidance so you can be a leader in all areas of your own life.

“Claudia is amazing! The environment is beautiful, it’s like a dream land, and Claudia is very nice and understanding. Not only is the environment like a dream and Claudia the nicest person ever, but the hypnosis really helped me. I started seeing results within one session. I had been considering hypnosis for a long time, and I’m glad that I found Claudia.” – Kristen M, USA

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