Lift your Life Force with Laughter presented by Lisa Wood

In this 4 session, recorded laughter course, we explore using intentional laughter to lift your life force, increasing your feelings of joy and inner peace.

The course is comprised of an Introduction and 3 classes – each of which builds upon the skills learnt in the previous session.



Experience the freedom and release a good laugh can bring.

Science has shown we need to 10 – 15 minutes of sustained laughter daily to boost our immune system.  Laughter has also been shown to be helpful in pain management and increasing our overall sense of wellbeing.

Laughter Yoga is a process that enables people to laugh, any where, any time, even if they are not feeling particularly joyful.

In this interactive course we explore intentional laughter and learn some simple techniques to uplift ourselves.  You will learn practices you can apply right away in your daily life.

With the stresses of the past year, there has never been a more important time to pay attention to your mental health and do something simple to support yourself and those around you.

This 4 week course was recorded during live Zoom sessions for you to access at any time.  

Give yourself the gift and lift that only laughter can bring.

In each session, we explore a different range of intentional laughter exercises


We start with the basics and play with the different sounds that laughter can make.

Class 1 - Getting in the Flow

We use laughter to play with state change and express gratitude to our body.

Class 2 - Stress Busting

We learn to use laughter to shrink our problems.

Class 3 - Laughter through the Chakras

We experience the different feelings of laughter through each of our chakras.


I sincerely recommend having a go at this therapy excerise. Feels so good to laugh with others in a playful, safe way. Initial inhibitions disappear quickly in this supportive environment. I have lightened up considerable. Stress has lowered. I can laugh more easily at myself and have even been known to guffaw…..sheer delight. Lisa is a sensitive and supportive leader. Her guided meditation is genle and healing. Come along and laugh with us. Give yourself a good time. ..😁😃😀….have fun.

Petra Krjutschkow, Australia

Last night was great!  It left me buzzing.

Eleanor Wight, Australia

I LOVED the Laughing Yoga.

Would you run some for us online? Pretty please?

Sarah Greenwood-Smith, Australia

Co-Presented by Lisa Wood

Lisa Wood has been leading laughter sessions since 2016 both in person and online.

Her studies and practice in kinesiology have shown how powerful laughter can be to shrink annoying problems down in size and help us get over our stuff.

Lisa is an aspiring author, with a desire to support our older children as they navigate their way into being adults.

Lisa has been working with energy for many years and is delighted to join Barry on his team on coaches.


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Everything you need to know


Do I have to do the whole course in one go?

No, you can stop and start the course as often as you like.

How long have I got to complete the course?

You have lifetime access!