Level 2 – Eye Power: Power your eyes… Empower your vision

Each day, we will work on enhancing your eyesight

Introduction to Eye Power

Eye Power Day 1

Getting started and see where you are at

Eye Power Day 2

Getting the eyes to move

Eye Power Day 3

Using your mind to see

Eye Power Day 4

Yoga for the eyes

Eye Power Day 5

Zapping your eyes to see

Eye Power Day 6

Acupressure for the eyes

Eye Power Day 7

See deeper with your mind

Eye Power Day 8

Swing your way to better vision

Eye Power Day 9

Visualize better eyesight

Eye Power Day 10

How far can you now see?

Presented By Barry Auchettl

M.Ed. B.Bus. Grad.Dip.R.E.

Barry Auchettl is a Life Visionary who has transformed his life through raising his own Vibration (inner world) and Frequency (outer world) using kinesiology and his own unique energy method called Light Body Alignment.  He now supports people around the world including identifing and  clearing sabotages and fears to enable them to reach new levels of both Vibration and Frequency.

He is the creator of Conversations: an inspirational game, producer of Vision 2020: from eyesight to insight and author of several books including Improve My Eyes, The Scan Charts and the number one best seller, One Vision.

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Rev Barry Auchettl

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You have lifetime access!