Expanding your Intuition and Psychic Abilities

  • Have you ever wondered how your intuition works?
  • What does it mean to get ‘Gut feelings?’
  • If you have ever asked “how do I connect into my intuitive abilities and trust what messages come through,?” 

Then this easy and fun basic course for activating your own intuitive gifts and abilities is for you!


Some people have told me they have felt afraid from strange feelings or visions they have encountered in their life, which is one of the reasons I have created this course, so you can feel safe while beginning to experience other realms and dimensions which is our natural ability and right to do so.

Each week we will delve into the world of intuition, through understanding the energetic system of our being, the physical components that are our ‘antennae’ and how to interpret messages while feeling safe and having fun at the same time. There are meditations each week to help you deepen your connection to your own divine self, and strengthen your ability to understand how to maintain a healthy energetic field.

Every week over the 6 week course we will do a card reading and learn new ways on how to ‘read cards’ energetically. The weekly card has been intuitively divined, and relevant for anyone engaging in the course on their time frame.

We will do a brief revision of the previous weeks content and have feedback from our live participants. The Bliss Meditation and Violet Flame Meditation will be accessible as an extra download separately so you can practice this every day. There will also be a Play Exercise to do each week, and it is highly recommended to keep a journal to record what you are experiencing throughout the week.

This course is always more fun when you have a friend join you, so you can discuss the new and exciting changes you are noticing in your life. The beauty being even if they don’t live near you, they can complete the weeks course and you can compare notes!

Course Content:

WEEK 1: Introduction to our energetic system

  • Introduction to course outline.
  • First our weekly card reading, then definitions of psychic abilities, how to measure our intuition with kinesiology and what is the Vortex. Understanding our “GUT feelings”, and how everything is connected via our chakras.
  • Basic introduction to the Electromagnetic field and really connecting to our divine presence with the Bliss Meditation.

WEEK 2: Working with our energetic system

  • Working with our expanded Chakras: what are chakras and where are they?
  • What are Light-body symptoms and why do they happen. How do we release these symptoms.
  • Healing and Chakra Meditation: keeps our energetic system clear and flowing for emotional, mental, physical and energetic health.
  • Do I Dream? How to remember and interpret dreams as messages for you.

WEEK 3: Expanding our energetic system

  • More about dreams. What is Lucid Dreaming and how can we astral travel?
  • The Silver Cord Meditation: How we are connected energetically to our physical body which keeps us safely connected when we choose to leave our bodies in a lucid dream state or astral travelling.
  • Let’s talk about Telepathy. Is this a real thing?? Are you a mind reader?
  • How we can notice signs and messages from all aspects of life, books, nature, other people or animals even, helping us find solutions to questions we may be asking.

WEEK 4: Playing with our energetic system

  • Clairvoyance and the Pineal/Pituitary gland, how our brain is related to our psychic gifts.
  • Clairsentience – how we just ‘know’ things through feelings.
  • ‘ The Violet Flame’ Meditation helps us clear our aura/electromagnetic body and helps relieve light-body symptoms.
  • Learn how to read cards intuitively…. tricks and tips so you feel comfortable when interpreting the messages.
  • Let’s have fun and connect into the angels and our guides. How do we know if we have guides with us.

WEEK 5: Integrating our energetic system

  • Setting intentions with card readings, and continuing to expand our intuition and psychic abilities, for a deeper understanding of the messages from our Divine Self.
  • Water and it’s benefits to our energetic and physical being, how we are crystalline beings and made up of 70-80% water.
  • Playing with crystals, why they are so important. Different types of crystals and their energy.
  • Come with us on a ‘Crystal Cave Meditation’, tune into the energy of different crystals and how they can help us energetically balance and make us feel better overall.
  • Learning to use Pendulums, and how they can be helpful, as we tune in more to our intuitive self.

WEEK 6: Sharing our energetic system

  • What is our Causal Chakra and why is it important to our intuition and psychic ability?
  • More Angels including Archangels and Guides, how we can see and feel them around us.
  • Come for an adventure on ‘The Merkabah Meditation’.
  • Connecting with loved ones that have passed over, a beautiful way to sense and know our loved ones are closer than we think. Have you ever just wanted to know they are safe and happy? Once you experience your own connection with them, you will find a deeper sense of peace around death and transitioning from the human self.
  • Completion of the course then continuing with the practices at home. Intuition and psychic abilities are like any muscle, the more they are used the stronger they become.


Maree-Elyse has a passion to help others ‘remember’ who they truly are. How do we stay balanced and joyful even in the midst of chaos? Especially in this seemingly crazy, yet amazing, ever changing world.

As a child Maree ‘talked’ with animals and ‘saw’ things around her. It was not until later in life, she would realise, other people actually did not ‘see’ this way! This ‘gift of sight’ helped Maree to tune into people on a level known as an empath. Over the years she had to discern and trust the further opening of these gifts. These include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and many other intuitive skills, that also help her to connect with people that have passed over into spirit.

With being a registered nurse/midwife, massage therapist and having studied many other healing modalities, these skills allowed Maree to help others. Through intuitive and energetic body work, she helped people find release from many physical, mental and emotional blockages.

In 2009 Maree was introduced to Transference Healing® and this became an important aspect of the awakening process in her life. “Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional frequency healing and ascension process that is multidimensional and works with the light body, creates alchemy and is achieving profound results”.

The energy allows people more insight into how their body actually works from an emotional and energetic level.  Then they can learn how to clear physical and emotional symptoms themselves. Maree also works with kinesiology to help people shift frequency and vibration within their etheric or electromagnetic field, helping increase their general health and well-being.

Maree is a fully trained Transference Healing® Practitioner and Teacher, as well as an experienced Meditation Facilitator and Clairvoyant. Her intention is to be of service to humanity and Mother Earth by helping and teaching others on their self-healing, awakening and ascension journey.

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